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Bishopric Tools for iOS

The perfect iPad app to assist with the management of callings, members, and notes in your role as a Bishop or Bishopric Member in the LDS church

The key features of Bishopric Tools include:

Tracking key details of Ward Members

  • Photo based member list (Assist with learning member names)
  • Ability to take time-stamped notes on meetings and interviews
  • Custom fields which can be reported upon for things such as:
    • Missionary Application Steps
    • Tithing Settlement Attendance
    • Follow up interviews

Callng assignment management including:

  • Making tentative assignments allowing you to view and ponder the potential impacts of a calling
  • Drag & Drop assignment of users to callings
  • Tracking length of time a person has served in a calling
  • Tracking activity on:
    • Issuing callings / Extending releases
    • Sustaining & releasing members in Sacrament Meeting

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