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Dice Pouch RPG for iOS and Apple Watch

The Premiere Dice Rolling Solution for iPhone and Apple Watch

Dice Pouch is built with the Role Playing or Tabletop Gamer in mind. It's all designed around quick and easy operation so you can focus on the game and not have to mess around with the technology.

Key Features

  • A single tap rolls dice of 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20, or 100 sides.
  • Create custom rolls of any size die.
  • Automatically total multiple rolls (so you can quickly calculate just how much 37 6-sided rolls is.)
  • Save your favorite complex dice rolls with their own custom name. (No more trying to remember that your Battle Axe does 3d10-2 damage.)
  • Preferences enable you to only show the type of dice you care about.

  • Works with Apple Watch!

    We saved the best for last!

    You can do all this on your Apple Watch as well!

    This includes "Glances" on your wrist to tell you what your last roll was, no matter if the roll happened on the iPhone or Apple Watch.

    Everything you do on your iPhone is kept in sync on the Apple Watch and visa-versa.

    As a bonus, your Apple Watch shows you a history of your last 25 rolls.

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