Fire: Version 1.5 now available
The Ultimate Open Source Instant Messaging Client.
Fire works with every major IM Service
You probably have friends who each use a different IM Service, and up until now, you have had to use a separate program to talk to each of them. With Fire you are able to use a single program to talk to all of your buddies, no matter which service they happen to use. Now you can focus on chatting with your friends, and stop worrying about which service and which application you need to use to talk to them. Fire supports:
  • AIM ®
  • ICQ ®
  • irc
  • Jabber ®
  • MSN ®
  • Rendezvous ®
  • Yahoo ®
Open Source Strength
Fire is an open source project, licensed under the provisions of the GPL.
Browse the Source
The source code is accessible online. You can browse the CVS respository here.
Download it Today
Click here to download the latest version of Fire for free!
Project Documentation
Miscelaneous documents and files used in the development process are available here.

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