iCP: iChat Proxy
The Open Source Engine behind the iChat AV Community revolution.
Transparent and Compatible, just the way you like it
icp works transparently behind the scenes to provide community services to iChat AV users. It is completely compatible with iChat AV 2.0 on MacOS 10.2 and above. And best of all, there is nothing for the end user to install; It just works!
A Powerful Heritage
iCP leverages the power of open source by deriving from a powerful heritage of other open source work. Many of it's libraries are based upon the powerful open source project Fire . A Free Instant Messaging Client for MacOS X supporting MSN, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, irc, Jabber, and Rendezvous.
Open Source Strength
iCP is an open source project, licensed under the provisions of the GPL. However, certain elements of it's behavior are patent pending
Browse the Source
The source code is accessible online. You can browse the CVS respository here.
Demo it Today
You can demo the project today! Just start up iChat AV on your system and add "icpproxytest" to your Buddy List. When you communicate with that buddy, you are actually talking to a separate buddy whose identity is hidden from you.

Part of the eWonderz Technology Family
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